(Hypnotized) Smooth Jazz Weekend w/Tina E.
Smooth Jazz Weekend Radio Show w/Tina E.April 04, 20241:00:0055.09 MB

(Hypnotized) Smooth Jazz Weekend w/Tina E.

This week on our smooth jazz radio show, we're crafting a sonic experience that will enchant your senses and captivate your soul. From the sultry saxophone whispers to the velvety piano melodies, each note is designed to mesmerize and transport you to a realm of unparalleled musical bliss. Tune in, let the music envelop you, and prepare to be hypnotized.

Set 1:

Steve Cole-Come On Y'all

Brad Alexander-Saturday Night Groove

Bob Baldwin-I'm Good (Thanks For Asking)

Darron Cookie Moore-It Gets Better

Jimmy B.-My Old Street

Set 2:

The TNR Collective ft. Ryan LaVelette, Nicholas Cole, LaMek-Hypnotized

Robert Glasper ft. Sir, Alex Isley-Back To Love

Melvin Pierce-You & I

Michael Kitanda-Sweet Nothings

Ken Ford-Open My Heart

Set 3:

Jesse Thompson ft. Judah Sealy-Late Nite

Brian Bromberg-Just Another Beautiful Day

Rod Tate-Side By Side

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