7 Simple Ways To Make Money As A Music Producer

There are several ways to make money as a music producer:

  1. Sell beats and instrumentals: You can sell your beats and instrumentals online through various platforms like Beatstars, Airbit, and Traktrain. You can set your own prices and earn a percentage of each sale.
  2. Offer mixing and mastering services: You can offer your mixing and mastering services to other musicians and artists. You can advertise your services on social media and music forums.
  3. Create and sell sample packs: You can create and sell sample packs on platforms like Splice or Loopmasters. Sample packs can include drum kits, loops, and one-shots.
  4. Create and sell sound packs: You can create and sell sound packs for software instruments like Serum or Massive. You can sell these packs on your own website or through marketplaces like Sellfy or Gumroad.
  5. Work with other artists: You can collaborate with other artists and produce tracks for them. This can lead to production credits and royalties.
  6. Licensing and sync deals: You can license your music for use in TV shows, movies, and commercials. You can also pursue sync deals, where your music is used in promotional videos or advertisements.
  7. Patreon or Substack: You can create a Patreon or Substack account where your fans can support you financially by subscribing to your exclusive content or accessing your production tutorials and tips.

Remember, making money as a music producer takes time and effort. Building your brand, networking, and consistently producing high-quality music are essential to making a sustainable income.

Tina E. Clark
Tina E. Clark
Host/Executive Producer